What Causes Lower Back Pain

What Causes Lower Back Pain? When people experience lower back pain, among their immediate thoughts is that they must have strained their muscles by lifting heavy objects improperly or hunching over a desk all day. Sure, these are among the most common causes for lower back injuries. But, that doesn’t mean these are the ONLY causes. It is still advisable to have your condition checked by your doctor to make sure that it is caused by something more serious. The worst thing for your back is inactivity for a long period of time. Your muscles tend to stiffen up and become tight. You should always try to stretch before you move after long inactivity.
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One of the more serious causes of lower back pain is a kidney infection. You should bear this in mind especially if you suddenly experience lower back pain even when you haven’t done any heavy lifting or if you’re quite sure that you are keeping proper posture at your workplace. Kidney infections can have little to no symptoms until the condition is already quite serious, at which point your back pain may be accompanied with high fever. Remember that this kind of condition is something that needs to be treated right away because it can be very debilitating.

What Causes Lower Back Pain-Misalignment of the Spinal Column

Another possible cause of lower back pain is a misaligned spine. The proper alignment of your spine is important not only to avoid pain, but also for your overall physical health. A misaligned spine can result in pinched nerves, which directly causes the back pain, and disrupted blood flow, which is what causes lower back pain. This is true even if the misalignment of your spine is relatively minor. The good thing is that a misaligned spine is easy enough to fix.

It usually just takes one trip to the chiropractor to get your spine in top condition once again. However, if your misalignment is quite severe, or if you have left it untreated for quite some time, then you may need several sessions in order to get everything in proper alignment once again. The good thing is that most chiropractor’s services are relatively inexpensive, which means that you can easily afford it with or without insurance.
As mentioned earlier, pinched nerves are also among the common causes of back discomfort. Depending on which nerves are affected, the pain you feel can be very excruciating indeed. And it can get worse whenever you move in certain ways. Even if you don’t move, pinched nerves can result in a constant stabbing pain at the affected area. However minor or severe your case may be, pinched nerves still need to be assessed and treated by your doctor.

What Causes Lower Back Pain-Muscle Damage and Injury

Of course, the most common causes of lower back pain are still muscle damage and injury. Muscle injuries tend to result in throbbing pain, as opposed to the sharp stabs of nerve damage. The good thing is that because muscle injuries at the lower back are quite common, over-the-counter products that ease the pain are also very easy to find. You can choose from ice packs, heat wraps, and pain medications. Stretching exercises are also advisable for quick healing of an injured lower back and for the prevention of recurrence.

While there are a lot of things that can lead to lower back pain, it doesn’t have to be a permanent part of your life. Just as there are plenty of possible causes, there are also lots of way to avoid injuring your back. All you need to do is strengthen your muscles, listen to what your body is telling you, and educate yourself about ways to prevent an injury to your back.

What causes lower back pain? Usually a low back pain is caused by a strained muscle in lower back area most of the time caused by a sudden over stretching movement. These can be treated by icing to reduce the swelling in muscle tissue along with rest. Visit our site for more information. Chronic Lower Back Pain

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