Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

There are many exercises to relieve back pain and keep your spinal column limber and flexible. Unfortunately for many people, their job involves a lot of sitting down at a desk whether it be a till checkout, office job or receptionist. The fact is that sitting for long periods of time can, over months and/or years, lead to pain in the lower back. If you have an desk job right now, wherever it may be, just consider how much time you will be sitting down all day, every day, for this year, next year and so on. The other factor is stress. Stress tightens the muscles in the body – a fact. If you are tense, sitting down all day, it is little wonder you develop lower back problems. You need to find some back stretches for back pain to give you relief, or one of the many back pain relief products out there on the market, that will work for you.
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If You Sit You Must Try and Stay Fit-Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

The problem with sitting down all day is that the muscles also do not get a chance for exercise. If you consider hiking, biking, etc, all these activities are tougher on the body, but, the body is also strengthened by them and gets conditioned to these activities. How many times do people say they are “out of condition”? Do you really know what they mean by that? It is the fact that we condition our bodies to be in a certain state by continuous repetitive activities, day after day after day. Do that long enough, with exercise, and you have a “conditioned” body – you’re in great shape and “condition”.You have to condition your body to function at a high level during strenuous activities. If you want to get relief you need to condition your body, first starting with stretches for back pain, then as you get stronger, move on to more active conditioning activities.

Remember, with air-conditioning in most offices now throwing out cool air and your lack of physical activity, you are conditioning your body in a negative way. Add stress to this mix and you have a recipe for lower back pain. This can even lead to chronic back pain. If you have just started working in an office, or seated position and you start to feel any lower back pain at all, you need to act on it and start back stretches for back pain right away, to begin conditioning your body so that the problem does not become a serious one. The sooner you stop the negative conditioning, the sooner you can reverse it and make back stretches for back pain a part of your daily routine.

Try, wherever possible, to find natural ways that bring pain relief. There are many videos, DVDs and ebooks on the subject on the internet. Information has never been so easily accessible. For sure, don’t let the problem get worse and worse by doing nothing, so that you have to resort to surgery and drugs.

Exercises to Relieve Back Pain-Stretches and Exercise to Improve Blood Circulation

Let’s start with your back – your muscles around the spine feel pain when they are weak or tensed up by stress (and strain – careful how you lift things!). Blood circulation is vital, or rather, good blood circulation is. Blood carries oxygen and fuel to your muscles and also takes away the waste products to be disposed of in the natural way. Back stretches for back pain do what they say – you get to stretch your body naturally and also help to improve your blood flow around the body, if you do this regularly throughout the day. Get off your chair and walk and stretch for a minute or two. If you are the manager of the office, make it a health and safety rule for your employees to do this – would you rather have them lose a few minutes work each day, or have them off work for months due to a back injury?

One simple exercise you can do, if you already have back pain, is to lie down on the floor and put pillows under your knees and bending your legs. This takes the weight and pressure away from your back, allowing some instant relief. Then, move on to gentle back stretches to get the tight muscles loosened up and ready for gentle strengthening exercise.

Applying heat to the affected area also helps – use pads for about 20 to 30 minutes. Used with ice packs and massage, you can find a system that works for you and that you are comfortable doing. Look out for DVDs that have back stretches for back pain, so you can watch and practice in your own home. And always consult with your doctor to be sure there is nothing more serious when you suffer from pain. The misery of having a back problem does not have to be yours – simply look after your body, walk and stretch all through the day, and you will not have to suffer the painful fate of many.

There are many exercises to relieve back pain. Exercises generally consist of slow stretching motions to relax the affected area. Do not over stretch or you could cause more damage. Visit our site for more exercises to relieve back pain and get back your mobility. Relief For Back Pain

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