Exercises to Reduce Back Pain : Stretches for Back Pain Relief: Rotator Stretch


Stretch your upper body muscles to relieve your back aches. Learn how to do rotator stretch to ease lower back pain in this free back pain relief video from a fitness expert. Expert: Kristie LaTray Contact: www.fitandfabuloustraining.com Bio: Kristie LaTray is the founder of Fit and Fabulous Personal Training. She is a certified personal trainer through World Instructor Training and a member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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23 Responses to Exercises to Reduce Back Pain : Stretches for Back Pain Relief: Rotator Stretch

  1. HECKTICK007 says:

    thank you very much. you can really feel the strech

  2. ssips720 says:

    i heard a pop! wasnt expecting that. nice!

  3. soundmapper says:

    I just tried this and it made my lower back pain (centered around the spine) go away . I did 2 reps of this stretch. I feel better than I did for the past couple days. Thank you!

  4. Moisesito366 says:

    Should I do this even though I have scoliosis can sombody replie plz

  5. SuperUnknownXD says:

    Thank you so much i had pain in my left upper back, and now its gone. I did it little different but it still helped šŸ˜€

  6. arrielleexx says:

    her clothes colour coordinate with the mat, lounge, pillows, table….

  7. joeleb says:

    thanks very much for this!

  8. makebeat2011 says:

    There’s no reason I won’t come back to this site again. Good work!

  9. WingThaiJ says:

    @PLEASEexitQUIETLY No one should do this exercise when they have an acute onset of back pain, in most cases it will make it worse and you’re lucky if it didn’t This is a pot rehab exercise. For someone reason personal trainers and others who do techniques well & have good ideas for exercises, think these can be used for ‘LBP’ almost like a one fits all type thing. This exercise would be fine for a stabilized problem; it will most likely worsen most acute back pain episodes or exacerbations.

  10. gazh446 says:

    i just tried this and it really loosened me up after some serious cracking! works real well!

  11. hussein807 says:

    That Cracked all my back lol

  12. healthnut4life48 says:

    I have fought back pain for the majority of my life, spending thousands of dollars on physical therapy, chiropractors, and pain medicines.

    Recently I have found by far the best, most economical help ever. Going through this simple routine every morning has changed my life drastically for the better.

    Check it out…


  13. maddenptofficial says:

    Try out the right exercise for low back pain

  14. vmaria567 says:

    nice! thank you!

  15. kousoulides says:

    I cannot stretch my legs like that…!!

  16. PLEASEexitQUIETLY says:

    She is dead on…I’ve used this stretch along with about four others and they work…BUT…if your back is in pain it may take several of these a day over several days. I have two herniated disc problems and they, in turn, aggravate the nerve. I also have degenerative bone problems so I know what I’m talking about (unfortunately.) I have also found that using a combination of Skelaxin and Hydrocodoyne brings almost instant relief BUT be careful..one is a narcotic.

  17. verbalassault87 says:

    is this a risk decreasor or an actuall relief posittion

  18. tsupatero says:

    helps me a lot šŸ™‚ thanks

  19. vincevince801 says:

    Doing squats going all the way down with some weights helped me with my back pain, yo should try that out.

  20. Gr33nMonki3 says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video. It really helped.

  21. sharrozap says:

    Thanks, I’m new man, no more pain, you have the best exercises Lady . Thank you again.

  22. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. Iā€™m going to watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future. Numerous people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  23. Fermina says:

    I have started hnviag major back pain, mainly in my lower back, but have never been to a doctor for it. Unfortunately in high school I chose to march a tuba in band for three years straight about 20-25 hrs. a week. I am only 4’10 and 105 lbs. Also, I am a waitress and I have to carry 50-60 lb. trays all day full of food. I have tried taking advil, tylenol w/codeine, ibuprofen- everything, even stonger stuff. Nothing has worked, except for my father’s vicodin which he lets me take on occasion. I want to go to the doctor and have him help me with this problem, but I don’t want to come off as a drug-addicted young person begging for pills, but so far vicodin is the only thing that has seemed to do the trick. And I don’t like going to the chiropractor, I just feel uncomfortable with someone touching my back and it cures the pain for a day then it comes back. So I don’t know how to tell the doc that I can’t get physical help with it.I dont really believe in taking pills, but lately vicodin has been wonderful to me. What do doctors usually prescribe or recommend for back pain? What do I do?oh I’m 20 by the way

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