Lower Back Pain Causes and What To Do About Them


Lower back pain is caused by many issues, but it is not the way you lift, bend or even move about that causes your pain. Pain is created by three main issues that combined will also confuse you as to what are the best ways to get lower back pain relief. Read on to discover what are the true lower back pain causes and what you should do to get lasting relief.


Most people are told when they hurt their back that it must have been how you lifted, or that you lifted incorrectly or the load was far too heavy for you. Yet in most situations the object you lifted was not too heavy, you’ve done the same activity many times before without getting pain. So why is this particular situation different and why did lower back pain develop?


The reality is that the lower back pain causes you thought were the true causes are in fact aggravating factors and not causes. Your pain has developed as your muscles and joint sin your lower back have become tired and exhausted and then the final act you do, causes them to go into spasm and joint to tighten.



So there are three common issues that create this situation and from this you can understand what you need to do to get lasting lower back pain relief. Remember it is the combination of factors that cause your pain and it is the combination of techniques that will remove your pain long term.


The common lower back pain cause is muscle tightness, which is where your muscles have tightened and pain develops. Along with this you can localized muscle spasm which is also called trigger points. But it is muscle tightness that causes most of the actual pain, but is still only part of the reason why pain happens.


If muscles tire out then muscle swill tighten, so the muscle tightness mentioned above is the result f when muscles tire. Muscle tiredness doesn’t mean they necessarily lose physical strength, but it relates to their nerve and blood supply. If this supply is reduced, then muscles cannot function correctly, they will tire and hence tighten.


The next issue is joint movement and it is joints that combined with the muscle imbalances that lead to pain. Joints can slow in motion and become sticky, once this occurs the muscle will work harder and then they tire.


As you can see, combined these three issues are the main lower back pain causes and each can recreate the other. To get lasting lower back pain relief you therefore must remove all three issues or pain will only leave temporarily.


Once again it is the combination of techniques you use that will give you permanent lower back pain relief. Techniques must incorporate aspects that remove the muscle imbalances and joint imbalances to be effective. If not then lower back pain is likely to remain or only leave for the short term.

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www.thewinnerguide.com — Causes Of Lower Back Pain As we get older, our bodies tend to lose their muscle elasticity and tone, as well as bone strength. The discs in our spine lose fluid and flexibility, and they cant cushion the vertebrae as well anymore. Aging is one reason we get lower back pain. If the muscles or ligaments in the back have a spasm, sprain or strain, the discs in the spine can rupture or bulge. That puts a lot of pressure on the nerves that are based in the spinal cord. When there is compression or irritation in those nerve roots, the back complains by giving us pain. What causes the back spasm, sprain or strain? Usually some form of trauma or injury, for example attempting to lift something too heavy, or overstretching. Degenerative diseases like arthritis or osteoporosis can also cause lower back pain. Other potential factors are congenital abnormalities in the spine, viral infections and irritation to the joints and discs. Some life conditions can also contribute to lower back pain. These include smoking, obesity, pregnancy weight gain, poor physical condition, stress, poor posture and poor sleeping position. Oftentimes, lower back and hip pain go hand in hand. Avoiding Lower Back Pain If you take proper care of your back in your day-to-day life, you can avoid lower back pain. Be sure to have correct posture and to lift with your legs (instead of using your back), as well as strengthening your back with exercises. Be sure that your workplace follows

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