Permanent Hair Removal ? What are the options?



Tired of constantly checking the amount of unwanted hair growth on your body? Fed up of visiting the parlor or using the razor at least 3 times a month or every time you want to wear that favorite dress of yours?  Wish there was some solution more permanent?

All of us use some sort of temporary measures, like waxing or shaving or hair removal creams to remove unwanted hair. Immediately after, it feels nice, clean and smooth but before you know it, there it is again!


So let us have a look at the more permanent hair removing options that can rid us of this problem once and for all, their advantages and disadvantages …

All of us are familiar with the term laser. The word Laser stands for ight mplification by timulated mission of adiance.

This hair removal technology doesn’t actually use a laser, but rather Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) that is absorbed by melanin in the hair. It works with the application of selective photothermolysis (breaking down of a substance by heat) that selectively impacts dark matter. The beam of light destroys or at least disables the hair follicles from producing fresh hair without harming the skin around the hair.

Since this light is absorbed by dark objects, only dark hair can be removed by laser hair removal technology, leaving those with light hair unable to benefit from this treatment option.

Laser treatment usually requires repeated visits, the number of which will be determined by the amount of hair to be removed as well as other factors such as the color of your hair, the shade of your skin, the location of the hair, etc.

Laser hair removal results depend on how well-trained your technician is, the kind of hair and the type of laser used.

absorbs more laser energy than light hair so dark hair is easier to treat.

absorbs less laser energy than dark skin so hair on light skin is easier to treat.


Also laser is most effective when the hair treated is in its growing stage and the area being treated is free of creams, ointments, cosmetics, etc.

Referring to laser hair removal treatment as a permanent hair removal option would not be 100% truthful so a good practitioner who offers the service would not promise that you will achieve permanent hair removal.

A realistic end result of laser treatments can be described as a permanent in the amount of visible hair that you have.

In other words, the amount of hair decreases over time with repeated treatments and the hair that grows back tends to be finer and less noticeable.

Some temporary side effects include itchiness, redness and swelling. When done properly, are less painful than other options like electrolysis.

Certain serious risks of laser include burns, discoloration of skin, acne flares, scabs and infection. Though not as painful as electrolysis for people who are sensitive to pain, lasers do hurt. Some have described the pain as ‘snapping a tight rubber band on your skin, over and over again’. Many clients have to apply numbing cream to the areas to be lasered so they don’t move involuntarily during the process.

Until the 1990’s the option of laser did not exist. So up until then the option of electrolysis was used. It was invented over 130 years ago so it’s by far the oldest option available. Electrolysis is a hair removal option that is generally considered to offer permanent hair removal. Electrolysis was originally used to treat ingrown eyelashes but developed into a wider use hair removal procedure for many other body parts.

Electrolysis uses a sterilized needle which is inserted into each hair follicle and then an electric current is delivered to impact the hair follicle at the root.. When done properly, the end result is that the hair is unable to grow afresh resulting in the of the unwanted hair without damage to the skin.

is the original method and tends to be used for thick, coarse hair. Here Direct Current is applied and through electrolysis, salt and water at the follicles is converted to lye, thus preventing hair growth afresh.
utilizes a high frequency alternate electrical current and is generally used on fine hair. Here the heat generated scorches follicles out of their ability to produce hair.
uses a combination of Galvanic Electrolysis and Thermolysis and is generally used for facial hair removal.

Is generally regarded to offer permanent hair removal (when performed properly), something other hair removal options cannot truly claim.
Is the oldest hair removal option available so there is a long track record to referto.
Can be very effective for small areas of hair i.e. lip, chin, eyebrows, ears, bikini line, underarms, etc.
Can be very effective for a wide variety of skin and hair types.

Given that each hair needs to be treated individually, which can be very painful, this isone of the biggest considerations when looking at Electrolysis as your hair removal option.

Though electrolysis is considered a permanent hair removal method, it is long, expensive, and sometimes even painful procedure with potential side effects and risks.

Effects of improper treatment include infection from an unsterilized needle, hair regrowth, scarring or other skin damage.

But if looking for a one time investment to rid you of body hair permanently, this might be the deal. To know more about Permanent Hair Removal – What are the options?

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