Somatic Exercise for Chronic Lower Back Pain, Key Points Explained


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Subscribe on Youtube: Subscribe by e-mail: Follow on Twitter James Steele (or James Steele II as he is known online and through his blog) is a 23 year old Lecturer and PhD Research Student at Southampton Solent University in the UK. James is an exercise scientist by profession having gained a first class honours degree in Applied Sport Science and during his time of study working with a wide range of elite athletic populations including; international Ironman triathlete’s, Paralympic wheelchair basketball and rugby, semi professional muay thai fighters and professional football (soccer). In addition he has worked with non-athletic populations including the elderly, diseased and a population that he is currently conducting research with; sufferers of chronic low back pain. James is active as an academic pursuing his PhD research into chronic low back pain, its multifactorial symptoms and the effects of isolated resistance exercise for the lumbar extensors in treating it. He has also recently had a paper published with his colleagues, on which he was second author, presenting the scientific literature of resistance training and suggesting recommendations for its optimal implementation based upon the current evidence. Despite his clear academic focus in the area of exercise science, James also has many other areas of interest on which he occasionally writes when the time permits at, one of these topics
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41 Responses to Somatic Exercise for Chronic Lower Back Pain, Key Points Explained

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  3. juliann18able says:

    i just did it and now i have been relieved of the pain.thanks much

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    Really great tips from someone who obviously knows what he’s talking about.

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  5. franklindroosevelt says:

    thanks this helped so much when i did it last year. my pelvis was misaligned from deadlifting / soft tissue tears and my osteopath reset it a few times. these exercises helped me straighten out and loosen my left back

  6. OccMedMD says:

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  7. renepazjr says:

    i will definitely try this to myself and once i get comfortable with it…will try this to my patients.Thanks a lot! Hope you can send me a reading manuals to this. Cheers!

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  10. PowerMagazines says:

    Great tips! Will have to try them out at home. At work I now use a SIT4EVR ergonomic belt and it seems to be working!!

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  13. JR Malonzo says:

    Thanks you

  14. Colleen Louise says:

    Thank you I appreciate your calm kind and patient manner. I imagine your patients must be grateful to have you.

  15. 000Della says:

    Bless you Lawrence! You are very particular with your instructions.  Very helpful to novice..

  16. moulayll says:

    thank you

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  20. Vasile Surdu says:

    btw for those who are interested, watch the videos from Doug McDuff with Low Back exercises here on youtube.. they are Amazing.. especially the second exercise.

  21. camius1 says:

    Muscle imbalances…simple as that, fix those imbalances and the back pain will go away

  22. BboyChrizCrozz says:

    Ive had Chronic lower back pain for about 2 years and im a 21 year old dancer…WISH I COULD watch this whole thing but i really wish i could figure out whats wrong with me

  23. MrLabelChannel says:

    man that was a pain in the lower back…

  24. Fisherrotts says:

    The best heal is to be fkn 15 and be in perfect shape that is the key fkn nubs…

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    OH FUCK OFF. Jesus won’t heal your back you fucking moron.

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  27. Vasile Surdu says:

    expected some excercises to remove the pain or smth

  28. OccMedMD says:

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  30. JamesSteeleII says:


    Thanks for your comment on being a ‘nice chap’ but based on this link can you identify why your comment is fallacious and thus why I don’t consider it to be of any concern for my conclusions?

  31. s4191468 says:

    You seem like a nice chap but I must say you are woefully under qualified to be presenting on low back pain treatment with strong opinions.
    It’s great that you are a passionate about this area but maybe leave it to the experts.
     I also thoroughly enjoyed my Exercise Science degree and felt like I knew the human body inside out afterward, but it wasn’t until I completed my Physiotherapy degree that I realised how little I knew at the time.
    Aussie Physio

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  33. roflex2 says:

    where can I find a MedX machine in Adelaide, Australia

  34. roflex2 says:

    I love how solid the science here is, guy knows how to research properly! wish more scientists/researchers were this solid.


    I have a transitional spine, and it was described as having part L4 and L5 fused together to make one, instead of having a separate one of each. It is probably related to my Ehlers Danlos type III. Have anyone ever heard of having a transitional spine??

  36. KTrooper52 says:

    Exactly! It’s so odd that he’s aware of Esther Gokhale, but then didnt mention this very significant point!

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    Its in the description now.

  39. 86kinky86 says:

    he didn’t even touch on anterior pelvic tilt.

  40. arstyles says:

    Go to under21 website, maybe you will find it there—

    peace —-

  41. Bodhizzle says:

    Anyone know his blog address?

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