Time for You to Get Serious About Your Chronic Pain Treatment


If you answered yes, you will appreciate knowing that there are many different types of chronic pain treatments for your neck, back and sciatica pain and many of these chronic pain treatments are non-invasive. Understanding the cause of your chronic neck pain, chronic back pain and sciatic pain, will also help you find the right chronic pain treatment for you.

There is an amazing non-invasive system called , which I have tried and used for years, and it has not only decreased my sciatica pain, but this sciatica pain treatment has also decreased the recurrence of my pain. The Lose the Back Pain system explains that most back and sciatica pain are caused by muscle imbalances. The system shows you how to check yourself for muscle imbalances, provides exercises to alleviate these muscle imbalances and the company also provides online support.

Try not to let anyone discourage you from trying different treatments, as different things work for different people. However, you may want to discuss any new treatments, you want to try with your healthcare provider prior to trying them. Many people may need to combine more than one treatment for their chronic pain treatment or their sciatica pain treatment.

It’s important for you to get chronic pain treatment and sciatica pain treatment as chronic pain can harm your brain’s wiring as shown in a study done by researchers at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, called
This study was published in the Feb. 6, 2008 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.


Did you know that if you decide not to get chronic pain treatment, left untreated, you can be looking at additional problems including?

Loss of sleep
Irritability, sadness, mood swings
Depression, discouragement or fear
Decreased activity which can lead to blood clot formation in the legs & to general weakness
Impairment of the body’s immune system, which helps fight infection
Inability to participate in daily family life
Inability to work or work full time
Slowed recovery from surgery, injury or illness

Chronic pain treatment, besides reducing your pain, has additional benefits as well, including :

Decreased irritability, sadness and mood swings
Ability to exercise which leads to better physical and mental health
Laughing & having fun
Having personal relationships
Ability to work part time or full time and provide for your family
Participating in activities and playing with your kids
And more….

A doctor should manage your chronic pain treatment and I recommend one that specializes in pain management. As most doctors specializing in chronic pain treatment truly understand their patients needs and are able to empathize with their patients as well, including the need for pain medications.

In the world of chronic pain treatment and sciatic pain treatment, I get the most calls and emails about the fact that someone’s doctor does NOT understand their need for medication, which is of great concern to so many chronic pain patients. This is one reason why I do NOT recommend having your family doctor manage your chronic pain treatment. Using pain medications, for most, is simply a tool to participate in activities of daily living. And although some people are mentally addicted to these medications it is definitely a very small percentage.

Are you tired of hurting? Are you tired of not being able to participate in activities with your children or your family? Well then, let me share with you one of the most amazing, non-invasive systems for chronic pain treatment and sciatica pain treatment.

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